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Doing Veganuary 2018!

Anyone who has known me a long time will know that I was a vegetarian from the age of 13.  As someone who was majorly not keen vegetables I look back now and wonder what I actually lived on. I remember at school being obsessed with Pasta King who did this amazing pasta pommodoro that I ate every single day for my lunch ... but anyway I digress. I think my staple diet back then was pizza, pasta and cheese.

I never felt healthy, but if you read my old blog you will know that I struggle with my eating. My IBS and years of diet culture has left me in a bit of a rut with eating. I have wondered how living without dairy would effect that but on the same note will eating all the fruit and vegetables mean I'm having too much fibre?

So anyway I am going to take part in veganuary! During the month of January I will be sharing with you some success (and probably failures) and trying to find some of the best vegan places in Leicester! Wish me luck!