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My favourite post night shift breakfasts in Leicester

If you didn't know already (and really if you don't I obviously don't moan about it here as much as I thought I did) I work night shifts. I am a health care assistant and as I don't have a permanent ward any more I never really know what to expect from my shifts. I generally do Monday to Wednesday night every week and my shifts can range from very relaxing (yes it does happen) to not stopping all night long (which is more of the norm)

One of the rituals I tend to stick to though is after my last night is that I go to my gym for a swim, jacuzzi, hot tub and long hot shower session and then I treat myself to breakfast. After trying out a few different places in Leicester these are my favourites ...

Built in 1723 and in the beautiful lanes area of Leicester, Mrs Bridges has long been my favourite for afternoon tea but it wasn't until recently that I started going for breakfast. From a traditional English breakfast to the (still to be sampled) Caspian breakfast which has waffles, avocado, cream cheese and smoked salmon, I am sure there is something for everyone! My absolute favourite so far though is the french toast pictured above which I could eat every single day! All the breakfasts are £6.50 too which is a bloody bargain! They open at 9, so especially if I am working at the hospital out of town there's not long to wait!

Not far from Mrs Bridges in St Martins Square is Kai. The only dish I have tried from Kai is the eggs Benedict, but it is beautiful enough to earn it a spot on this list ... that's surely a reason to give it a go? Some days I just have to think of the eggs Benedict to get me through! The only problem is I am not sure of the opening times! Some days I feel like I am waiting forever and it doesn't open so I end up going to another place ... luckily I have lots of choice!

My all time favourite coffee shop to go for the absolute best non dairy lattes. I am not vegan or dairy intolerant but with my IBS milk and coffee together do not seem to be a good mix. Dolce and Verde is probably the most chilled out coffee shop ever (and they always have a great play list on) So I love having my breakfast, a good oatly latte and anything off the breakfast menu ... although my favourite was probably the breakfast wrap from the specials menu. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't recommend it more!

If you fancy a quick bite or maybe to grab and go I can't recommend the 200 degrees coffee shop which has not long opened on market street Leicester. Like Dolce and Verde this opens early meaning that its open before I even get into town! I went in there for a chilled morning and a bacon sandwich, when I saw they do rubbed bacon ... bacon that is rubbed with coffee! It was quite a strange taste, but nonetheless delicious and that's why its made it into my favourites!

Have I missed out your favourite breakfast spot? Is there anywhere you think I should visit?

Charlotte Lucy 


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