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Fernandez Grillhouse Leicester, Review

On the busiest Saturday in December I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take my family to see Scrooge at the curve in Leicester. A couple of weeks before I tried to book us a table and the only place I managed to book was the Rutland and Derby Arms. It looked a good menu but when we turned up it was obvious that it was more of a pub than a restaurant as our table was right in the thick of a group of men drinking. Had I known this before booking I would have found somewhere else! So, finding ourselves hungry and nowhere to go myself, Tom, my parents and 91 year old Nana decided to head back home and get a takeaway. As we walked past Fernandez I chanced it and although they were busy the manager very kindly found us a booth downstairs and made us feel extremely welcome. 

The menu is pretty extensive. The appetisers are served Tapas style and the more you have the cheaper it gets. We decided to go straight for mains but not before I gave a loving glance at the halloumi fries ... We will definitely be going back someday! 

One thing to mention is that they don't serve alcohol here which wasn't an issue for us, I went for a milkshake instead! Priced at £3.49 I thought this was very reasonable for the kinder beuno milkshake I had. I have to say it was possible the best milkshake I have had in a long while. Not too thick, but still creamy and delicious. For a grill house they have a lot of variety from chicken and steak to burgers, signature dresses and even salads! There are limited options for veggies, but they are there! I was also impressed by the number of sides on the menu, although obviously I went for sweet potato fries.

I am having a bit of a thing for chicken wings at the moment and so I chose the smoky bbq jumbo wings with sweet potato fries and also corn on the cob and it was delicious. I got in such a mess with the sauce but it was delicious! Between us we had steak, a chicken sizzler and chicken breasts and all were really enjoyable! My dad actually found his steak difficult to cut but straight away the manager fetched him another cut and it was much better!

I will definitely be back. Especially as before 6pm you can order a main, side and a drink for under £10 and you really can't beat that kind of a deal! 

Have you been to Fernandez Steakhouse? There is also one in Loughborough and I can't wait to explore more of the menu!


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