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Doing Veganuary 2018!

Anyone who has known me a long time will know that I was a vegetarian from the age of 13.  As someone who was majorly not keen vegetables I look back now and wonder what I actually lived on. I remember at school being obsessed with Pasta King who did this amazing pasta pommodoro that I ate every single day for my lunch ... but anyway I digress. I think my staple diet back then was pizza, pasta and cheese.

I never felt healthy, but if you read my old blog you will know that I struggle with my eating. My IBS and years of diet culture has left me in a bit of a rut with eating. I have wondered how living without dairy would effect that but on the same note will eating all the fruit and vegetables mean I'm having too much fibre?

So anyway I am going to take part in veganuary! During the month of January I will be sharing with you some success (and probably failures) and trying to find some of the best vegan places in Leicester! Wish me luck!
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Mrs Bridges Tea Rooms Leicester

One of my absolute favourite places to visit in Leicester is Mrs Bridges tea rooms. If you live in Leicester and haven't visited at least once then you just have been living under a rock. Before I talk about the amazing food, I want to talk about the feel of the place. First built in 1723 this cosy little cafe still has the feel of an old tea room and the staff are possibly the friendliest around. I have been in there many times and not once have I had below excellent service or food for that matter!

The menu is pretty huge but everything is done well. It has become an annual tradition that myself and Kirstie visit each year for afternoon tea on my birthday. At under £10 per person for sandwiches, scones, cakes and a pot of tea you really can't complain! 

I also regularly visit for breakfast or brunch (as you may have seen in this post) and my favourite is the French toast with bacon. They do a range of breakfasts from the humble breakfast sandwich to the out there with their Ca…

A different way to take vitamins with BetterYou

I am all for taking supplements in my diet. I have battled deficiencies for most of my life. I try and focus on my diet and trying to get everything I can from food but with my IBS this isn't always possible. Its two fold, on the one hand I have days when I struggle to eat or at least eat enough. When I am battling the heartburn, bloating, cramping a diarrhoea. I also then struggle because due to the amount of diarrhoea that I have I don't keep the nutrients in or absorb them. I am also terrible at remembering to take my tablets. Some supplements have to be taken with food and at the moment I am not in a regular pattern of eating (yeah I know that's bad, save that for another post). Also some have to be taken more than once a day, and like I say remembering to take my pills once a day with my brain fog is a nightmare.

So when BetterYou sent me these sprays I was more than excited. First up is the daily vitamin b12 oral spray. B12 has been proven to not only reduce tiredness…

Pho Leicester Review*

When I attended the soft opening of the Leicester branch of Pho a few months back I was absolutely blown away by the flavors of the food. Despite the teething problems I was excited to take my husband there. However when we returned there were still a lot of dishes missing from the menu and a very rude waitress really soured my opinion. After speaking to the manager we were very kindly invited back to see if things had improved. Had they?

On arrival we were greeted into a warm and cosy restaurant by the bubbly members of staff. It was such a cold night I was looking forward to getting some food into our bellies! We ordered our drinks (with me having the gin spritzer and tom a Saigon beer) and were given time to browse the menu! The staff were on hand to help if we needed, but I already knew what we were both going to have! My drink was beautiful balanced, with the flavours of fresh mint lime and cucumber. The Saigon beer was also very light and refreshing (and I am not a beer drinker m…

Canteen, December 2017

One of my favourite events of the month is Canteen. Although I hadn't been able to go for a few months due to various states of ill health, I was more than excited when I saw the announcement for the December menus on Cool as Leicester I knew I had to go along and finally try out poutine! So with Kirstie in tow, off I went.

I will start by saying I wanted to try a lot more food but I wasn't feeling brilliant so I headed straight for Gravy train to finally try out poutine. Now, everyone so far has been shocked to know I have never had chips, cheese and gravy but I just don't think its a West Midlands thing. In fact I don't think I had ever had cheesy chips until I moved east to Leicester! Anyway, the only was I can describe this was that it was the ultimate comfort food and exactly what I needed. Cheese curds to me tasted like a strong fish cheddar but with the texture of halloumi and I am definitely down for that!

Kirstie on the other hand went for the trio of steamed ba…

Nottingham Foodie Highlights

Last weekend I spent a few nights in Nottingham and I have to say I totally fell in love with the city. To the point that I have even asked Tom if we can buy a house there. I had a long list of foodie places that I wanted to try out and this is a round up of some of my favourites I discovered! I am sure there will be a part two to this post at some point. 
Firstly I was ever so kindly invited to the opening of the Roxy Ball Room. I was a little nervous, its been a while since I went out! I met up with a lovely group of bloggers though and we had a fantastic night. The drinks were amazing, I fell in love with this called the ballzee move and I could have eaten the dough balls all night long. They were huge, full of flavour and so popular that I didn't manage to get a picture before the group devoured them all! 
The venue has pool, table tennis and beer pong as well as food and cocktails. I am hoping to visit again with Tom! 

The next morning we wanted to set ourselves up for the day w…

Fernandez Grillhouse Leicester, Review

On the busiest Saturday in December I decided it would be a fantastic idea to take my family to see Scrooge at the curve in Leicester. A couple of weeks before I tried to book us a table and the only place I managed to book was the Rutland and Derby Arms. It looked a good menu but when we turned up it was obvious that it was more of a pub than a restaurant as our table was right in the thick of a group of men drinking. Had I known this before booking I would have found somewhere else! So, finding ourselves hungry and nowhere to go myself, Tom, my parents and 91 year old Nana decided to head back home and get a takeaway. As we walked past Fernandez I chanced it and although they were busy the manager very kindly found us a booth downstairs and made us feel extremely welcome. 

The menu is pretty extensive. The appetisers are served Tapas style and the more you have the cheaper it gets. We decided to go straight for mains but not before I gave a loving glance at the halloumi fries ... We …